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The leading causes of oral injuries are sports, violence, falls and motor vehicle collisions. Bad eating habits such as biting down strongly on a hard sucking sweet, a bone, or any solid object, are often the causes of damage to teeth.

After any injury to a tooth, a visit to the dentist is necessary, with follow up visits to monitor the recovery


Varying degrees of damage can occur, from mild chipping through to fracture, and to loss of the tooth. The treatment will vary :

If the enamel is chipped, smoothing the sharp or roughened edge is usually all that is needed.

If a front tooth has a chipped biting edge, a tooth-coloured plastic filling can be bonded to the tooth. This will restore the tooth's shape and appearance, and protect the edge from further damage.

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If the crown of a tooth has a larger piece broken off, it is likely to cause the dentine to become sensitive to hot and cold. This can be repaired with a tooth coloured filling, or the fitting of a veneer restoration .

A major break of the crown can expose the nerve and blood vessels. A root canal treatment will be required before the crown of the tooth can be repaired. Extensive damage usually requires a veneer or replacement crown restoration.

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When the break occurs below the gum line , the tooth may have to be exposed by surgery. This has to be done to enable the dentist to work on the root. This is called a crown lengthening procedure.

A root canal treatment has to be done, and a replacement crown fitted .

If a tooth is knocked loose,it can be kept in position by joining it to a firm tooth next to it. The loose tooth must be held firmly in place to allow healing of the bone around the tooth. This is referred to as using a splint

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Regular testing for a response to hot and cold stimulation will indicate the health or vitality of the tooth

Avulsion refers to a tooth being knocked out of the mouth.

Treatment at the scene of the accident:

Successful re-implantation of a tooth that has been knocked out of the mouth depends on how quickly the tooth can be replaced in its socket.

The tooth should be cleaned in saliva, saline, or milk, and replaced into the socket.

If the tooth can be placed back into the socket, hold it there and see the nearest dentist immediately.

If it cannot be replaced, place it in milk and get to the dentist as soon as possible.

Immediate dental treatment:

The dentist will re-implant the tooth and hold it in position for about 20 minutes.

The dentist will then splint the tooth to the adjacent firm teeth, by using a bonding material.

An antibiotic, a mouthwash, and pain relief will be prescribed.

A tetanus booster injection may be advisable.

Follow up treatment:

Follow up treatment will require a root canal treatment , as the nerve and blood vessels within the tooth have been severed at the apex of the root.

The splint will be removed after the tooth has become firm again.

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