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crown & bridge in goa, world class dentistry in goa

Q.Why is it important to replace lost teeth?

A. Lost teeth need to be replaced, or the results can be severe.
-Chewing and general health can be affected.
-The appearance of the front teeth and the smile can deteriorate.
-Teeth adjacent to spaces may drift and tilt into them.
-Teeth in the opposite jaw, over the space, can grow longer because there is no opposite tooth to bite against, and keep it in place

Q.What are the methods of replacing missing teeth?
A. The methods of replacing teeth are determined by the position of the gap, its size and th presence or absence of adjoining teeth:-


A crown replaces part or all of a natural crown.

A crown can also replace a lost tooth by being attached to a dental implant .

A crown can be joined to a metal post that is embedded in a remaining root of a tooth. This is called a post-crown

crown and bridge world class dentistry in goa

crown and bridge world class dentistry in goa
The advent of Metal Free Ceramics has crown and bridge scenario tremendously as it has combined the toughness and life like aesthetics of ceramic without use of metal as a coping

crown and bridge world class dentistry in goa

A bridge is a structure, supported by teeth on either side of a space, which replaces a missing tooth or teeth. It is called a "bridge" because it spans the gap between two teeth. It is not removable by the wearer crown and bridge

crown and bridge in goa crown and bridge in goa

Missing teeth need to be replaced within a period of three to six months as it restores appearance, improves speech and chewing ability.

The dentist in consultation with the patient must select the method of replacement

Approximate Chair side time: Involves 2 sittings of 45-60 minute duration each for crowns and 3 sittings of 45-60 minute duration each for bridges

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